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Welcome to Virtual Financial's Virtual Business Environment, Entrepreneur Expo & Convention Hall.

                               You are going to want to see this world class 8 minute overview video!

We Launched our First Virtual Entrepreneur Expo & VFG Convention Thursday September 25th, 2014.
Visit our Auditorium to view the Replays of our Expo & Virtual Financial Convention Sessions.
Then visit our 3-D Virtual Exhibit halls to ask email questions to the speakers at the provider booths.
  •  Special Booths, Workshops and Handouts on:
  •  Craigslist Marketing
  •  Facebook Page Marketing
  •  Linkedin Marketing & Groups
  •  The Tax Benefits of Small Business 
  •  The Keys to Success as an Entreprenuer in the 21st Century
We have brought industry leaders & CEO's from around the country together to share experiences and to teach about Virtual Financial's Vision, Platform, Products & Cutting Edge Business Systems. 
Here you will find all of the conference sessions, exhibit halls, lounges, boardrooms and training presentations, as well as videos, documents and much more.
It’s easy and fun to navigate in our virtual environment.
  • Visit our Auditoriums to view of the conference sessions
  • Visit our Board Rooms to see training presentation
  • Visit our Exhibit Halls to meet our vendors and product providers
  • Use the Lounges to meet other VFG reps from around the country
  • Visit the VFG Library for the latest Videos, Documents & Notes 
  • Visit Our Help Desk to get help with any questions you have
Stay as long as you like and come back often!  We also invite you to continue the conversation with us about anything you have heard, read or seen at the event.
Virtual Financial's Top 12 "Exponential Game Changers"
1. Social Media Revolution Over 1 Billion Connected World Wide. Facebook & Linkedin
2. Size of Your Market Expands by 360X if your city has a 1 million population US & Canada
3. Home Based Business 30+ Million vs 400,000 in Insurance Business
4. Tier System Assembly Line Concept in Financial Services Most People Can't Sell
5. Circle of Success Turn Key Formatted Step by Step for Virtual Agents in Financial Services

6. Proprietary World Class Simple Marketing System, Landing Pages, Drip emails, Co-Op's ...
7. Proprietary Custom Enterprise CRM Track & Share Calendars & Data w/Gmail & Android
8. 3 x 3 Aggressive Follow Up Tools & System for Quick Results & Success 
9. 24/7/365 Virtual 3-D Environment for Marketing, Training & Conventions
10. Transamerica the Premier Business Platform in North America 300 Employees, 20 Million     on Compass, 126% To the Field, 5.85% Renewals 9% 100% Advance w/%40 on Submission      36% in Overrides, 9% Monthly Bonus, Trips, Rings, 100 Carriers, #1 IUL, Term LB, Voya...

11. No Offices, No Appointments, No Conventions, No Meetings, No Gas, No Travel, No New Wardrobe, No Traffic, No Danger, No Gossip, No BS, No FICA, No Workmans Comp, No Unemployment Tax, No Minimum Wage, No Sales Tax,  No Co-leaderships, No Exchange Legs
12. Lifestyle, Freedom & Travel, Life is too short to spend in traffic and at work.
Your Spouse, Your Children, Your Grandchildren. Tax Savings, Global Travel & Living Options, Money Saved, Treat Your Health & Important Relationships as a Priority. A Clearly Higher Quality of Life, Priceless
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